Property Assessment

Every year, hail and wind storms cause severe damage to homes and commercial buildings across the U.S. Weather, be it wind, hail, rain, lightning, snow, or tornados, is unpredictable. In the aftermath of a storm, you may think a simple cleanup is all that’s required. What many property owners fail to see is the not-so-obvious damage that has occurred beneath the surface.

BALBOA has a team of experienced and trained experts ready to assist you when your property suffers damage. We’ve seen it all when it comes to restoration projects and can help to accurately assess your situation and get you on the road to repair in no time.

In most cases, property owners aren’t aware of the severity of the damage, which can be hidden between the layers of a building’s structure. Over time, what was once a minor problem could turn into a major inconvenience, negatively affecting the value of a property. Whether the damage is obvious or not, BALBOA’s team of inspectors can perform a thorough check of your roofing, siding, windows, and gutters to ensure there hasn’t been any structural damage. If there’s damage, we’ll find it!

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